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Just a few kind words

Tracy Silvage

Relationship: Client

Project Date: October 2020

First off, Chris gets such high ratings because he deserves them! I was trying to work with someone else in Murfreesboro per recommendation. After dealing with this person, I don't know how they stay in business. I stuck it out for 4 weeks hoping this person would do something. Nothing. I went online to find someone else and found Chris. I decided to reach out to him because of his ratings. Within in minutes, I got response and we quickly got to work. He was such a pleasure to work with. He was very understanding and patient. He also made suggestions of things that would work better when my ideas were not feasible. He was honest and upfront about timelines and always delivered. Our project wasn't you're run of the mill house plans. We needed in-law quarters and a business in addition to our household on a budget. He delivered! Our plans are perfect and beautiful! We can't wait for the best step in our journey.

Michael Osborne

Relationship: Client

Project Date: September 2019


I was very blessed and had the chance to build my "Dream Home" It was going to be a real challenge and not some cookie cutter project. Chris came highly recommended from a well respected local builder. I see why the recommendation was so high!! Chris's attention to detail is extraordinary. I am a retired Executive Chef. My whole life has been about attention to detail. Misen Place!! I have lived in more than 15 different houses and I know what I like and what I don't from the experience. I gave Chris a few hand drawn sheets and from that he delivered something that words truly cannot describe. From the onset I noticed that Chris listened more than he talked. He payed attention and took notes while he listened he made notes on my drawings and when the time came, he asked really intelligent questions. He treated me like I wanted to be treated, like I expected from a professional. I am known for being tough on salespersons and vendors, it was my job. I know I'm not the average customer, I am pretty demanding and to satisfy me, you are going to have to do your job and do it well. Chris "NAILED IT".... I need to mention that Chris wasn't the first architect I ended up in front of, but I wish he had been. OK I must tell on myself, I really put Chris through his paces, I worked him pretty hard, you can only imagine how many revisions I put him through in the kitchen alone. He smiled through all of it and stayed engaged, never wavered. I know a professional when I work with one and Chris is a real one! Despite all of the extra work I put on him, the price for his design was way more than reasonable. If there was room for more than 5 Stars, he earned them. Bottom line, you don't need to look any further "This is the guy". It obviously wasn't his first rodeo. THANK YOU Chris


Sammy and Angela Faulk

Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 2019


We will recommend Chris at Elite Home Design to anyone who is looking for a designer that combines knowledge and professionalism along with kindness and care. We were faced with a dilemma that we absolutely had to have professional help with, not knowing anyone who could help us, Chris came to us as a referral. We were somewhat nervous and skeptical prior to our first meeting with Chris. When we first met with Chris our fears and worries were taken away. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and was able to understand our needs and our vision of what we wanted our house to be. Thankfully, Chris was kind and did everything that we asked that was possible. We will forever be thankful that the referral was Chris!!! We got lucky. Would not hesitate to employ his knowledge again, or refer others to him. Thank you Chris!

Robert Covert

Relationship: Client

Project Date: December 2019


Chris is absolutely amazing. He is extremely patient. We had several major redesigns and a linty of minor changes that he helped us through. He made sure we were very happy with our design. He handed us paper copies of our final plans and elevations as well as digital copies. He is an expert at translating thoughts and ideas to a usable and workable plan. He will provide you with as much or as little guidance as you want. Chris is a total and complete professional that provides a quality product at an affordable price. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to design your next project!

michelle polk

Relationship: Client

Project Date: October 2018


Chris with Elite home design did an awesome job. He worked with us in designing the perfect house. He made the impossible very POSSIBLE for us. He moved this around to fit to our needs. We totally will recommend him to anyone looking for any design. Thanks a bunch for helping us with our dream home.


Relationship: Client

Project Date: May 2018


Chris did a wonderful job on designing my home! He absolutely exceeded my expectations. Chris does good work and he takes pride the work that he does! I recommend Chris to anyone that is looking for custom house plans.

David Sanders

Relationship: Client

Project Date: September 2017

My wife and I were looking for a professional that would not only meet our expectations of design and function but make it an enjoyable process. Chris Turner did both and more. The process was everything we had hoped for. Chris was easy to work with, he took suggestions as well as giving us suggestions on the design. The quality of the final product was excellent! We were very pleased with the time from start to finish and it was just what we had hoped for.

Tiffanie Elliott

Relationship: Client

Project Date: November 2017

My husband and I are so thankful we found Chris. Before hiring Chris we had hired another home designer and it didn't work out. When we came to Chris I was feeling like what I really wanted wasn't possible but he made it happen EXACTLY how I had dreamed. I was also very impressed with his turn around time. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.

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